BTCSHIPPING was founded by seasoned eCommerce professionals with a singular focus: to cater to the unique needs of eCommerce brands.

This dedication is reflected in every aspect of our service, meticulously crafted to enhance the customer experience and uphold every commitment you make.


Daily Sales Volume


Delivery Rate


Inventory Accuracy




Our comprehensive e-commerce fulfillment service manages every aspect, from storing inventory and processing orders, to personalized picking and packing, shipping, and handling returns.


Simplify Your Dropshipping Fulfillment.Our streamlined solution covers storage, quality checks, packaging, repackaging, and shipping, freeing you to focus on brand expansion.


Deliver crowdfunding rewards to your backers globally. Bid farewell to logistical challenges. We’ll assist in reducing shipping expenses and ensuring timely delivery of your goods.


Unlock hassle-free reward delivery with our Kickstarter fulfillment solutions. From meticulous warehousing to precise picking, packing, and shipping, we ensure your backers receive their rewards swiftly, allowing you to concentrate on achieving crowdfunding success.

eCommerce proficiency that ensures an outstanding cross-border experience.

E-commerce Fulfillment Service

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Optimise your operations

Our unified WMS platform provides full transparency into your inventory and orders, saving you valuable time, money, and resources.

Global Coverage

With a global network of last-mile carriers, we can ship to wherever you sell, worldwide. Our commitment to global reach is unwavering.

Multiple Delivery Options

We collaborate with various carriers, empowering you to select the most suitable and cost-effective delivery partner to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

Grow your sales

We take pride in supporting the growth of eCommerce businesses. By entrusting us with order fulfillment, you gain valuable time to concentrate on developing your brand.

Customized Packaging

Every item undergoes meticulous preparation for storage and shipping. Our order Prep process includes re-labeling and fragile item protection to ensure utmost care and attention to detail.

Welcoming Customer Support, Guiding You at Every Step

Our amiable, committed team and thorough onboarding process will lay the groundwork for your online success.

However, this marks only the beginning of our partnership. Your designated account manager provides continuous support and collaborates with you to enhance your service offerings and expand your business.

Effortless Integration with Leading Shopping Carts & Platforms.

Embark on your China Fulfillment journey with just a click. We seamlessly integrate with nearly every eCommerce platform by default, simplifying the onboarding process.

In the rare event that we’re not integrated with your platform, fret not. We’ll assist you in integrating our API with your shopping cart.

Prefer not to link your shopping cart to our API? Sellers can effortlessly upload data into the China Fulfillment system via our user-friendly batch file template. We’re even equipped to accommodate various file formats if our template doesn’t suit your needs.

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Handle Everything from One Unified Dashboard

Our tailor-made platform seamlessly integrates with all major eCommerce and carrier platforms, simplifying the management of your inventory and international shipping. Gain real-time visibility into your parcels and make order edits on the go. Then, rest assured as our integrated tools, calculators, and APIs take care of everything else.

We continuously expand our integration platforms. Reach out to us if you wish to have yours included in the future.

Jan. 10, 2022

China Warehouse: A Pillar of Global E-commerce

China warehouse, as implied by its name, is a facility situated in China that is purposefully built to store, oversee, and distribute goods. These warehouses play a vital role as intermediaries connecting manufacturers with international buyers, thereby optimizing the supply chain process.

February 18, 2022

China Warehouse: A Pillar of Global E-commerce

The essence of China’s eCommerce triumph lies in its advanced warehousing infrastructure. China warehouses serve as the foundation of the eCommerce ecosystem, providing a plethora of services that enable businesses to operate seamlessly on a worldwide level.

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What Makes Order Fulfillment Vital in Dropshipping?

Dropshipping has been one of the most popular E-commerce business models worldwide, offering a flexible and low-risk way to start an online business.Order fulfillment is the backbone of the dropshipping model. It refers to the process of receiving, processing, and delivering orders to customers.