Fulfillment centers in Shenzhen and Yiwu of China.


Precision in Inventory


Discrepancy Rate


Daily Order Volume


Delivery Rate


Step 1: Order Synchronization

Utilizing SFC fulfillment centers’ order synchronization system allows you to eliminate repetitive tasks and prevent errors, freeing up your time for more important endeavors.

Automated order synchronization
Seamless integration with a wide range of marketplaces via API, including Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Wix, AliExpress, Linio, and more.
Bulk order uploading

Get API integration with SFC

Step 2: Picking and Packing

At BTCSHIP’s China fulfillment centers, we assure same-day efficiency and precision in order picking and packing, leveraging advanced PDA and barcode technologies.

PDA and barcode technology integration
Tailored packaging solutions
Establishing your brand
Enhanced services

Step 3: Door-to-door delivery service

From SFC’s fulfillment centers in China to global destinations, choose from a variety of shipping options tailored to your preferences and needs.

Final-mile delivery, customs clearance, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), and export tax rebate services are provided.
SFC dedicated lines, international express, and postal service options are available.

Step 4: Tracking Orders

Real-time order tracking
Single tracking number for comprehensive tracking.

Step 5: Managing Returns

BTCSHIP will handle returns based on product characteristics, shipping carriers, and your preferences. Returned products undergo thorough inspection and are managed accordingly at our fulfillment center.

Why Choose BTCSHIP?

Achieve a remarkable 0.001% inventory error rate.
Offering flexible pick-and-pack, kitting, and assembly services.
Tailored labels and packaging to suit your requirements.

BTCSHIP handles warehousing, picking & packing, and global shipping at its China distribution centers (Shenzhen & Yiwu Fulfillment).

Focus on growing your business.

BTCSHIP handles fulfillment for e-commerce and crowdfunding, freeing you to grow your business.

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