Experience timely and cost-effective Kickstarter fulfillment with BTCSHIP.

Seamless global shipping.
Complimentary 30-day storage.
Enhanced or customized packing

Effortless Kickstarter Fulfillment Online

Simplify packing, shipping, order uploading, and online tracking with our powerful and user-friendly Kickstarter fulfillment platform.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, navigating IndieGoGo & Kickstarter reward fulfillment and crowdfunding shipping at minimal cost is crucial. Thankfully, BTCSHIP, a seasoned crowdfunding fulfillment center, specializes in shipping backer rewards from your manufacturer directly to global supporters.

In addition to standard Kickstarter fulfillment services like storage, batch-uploading orders, picking & packing, global shipping, and online tracking, we offer tailored Kickstarter fulfillment and shipping solutions.

And we bring experience in:

Kickstarter Reward Fulfillment
Indiegogo reward fulfillment
And Beyond

Tailored Crowdfunding Fulfillment Solutions for Kickstarter Campaigns of Any Scale

Bespoke Platform for Managing Kickstarter Fulfillment

Batch Upload and Edit Orders Online.
Efficiently manage inventory.
Automated email notifications with tracking information to your supporters.
Monitor real-time inventory, products, orders, tracking, and billing.

Value-added Kickstarter Fulfillment Service

Factory Pickup for Convenience
Streamlined Pick and Pack Process
Enhanced Packing: Bubble Wrap, Corner Protectors
Customized Packing Options

Streamlined Global Shipping Solutions from China

DU and DDP Services Available
Versatile Shipping Options: EUB, Special Line, Express Delivery
200+ Custom Logistic Solutions for Cost Efficiency
Fast Clearance and Export Tax Rebate Services

Seamless Integration with Nearly Any Shopping Cart

Expand into New Markets with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, and More
Automated Order Fulfillment from Your E-commerce Store
We Scout for the Best Shipping Rates
Global Shipping Coverage for Worldwide Reach

Expert Customer Support

Assigned Dedicated Account Manager
With Over 1000 Kickstarter Projects Successfully Served, Your Trust Is Well-Placed

Client Success Stories

Here are a few examples of the crowdfunding fulfillment projects we’ve supported. We’re dedicated to flexibility and meeting diverse needs.

Potato Pirates The Tastiest Coding Card Game

Funds Raised: $258,408

Number of Backers: 5,061

Request: Strengthen Packing

Mobius: Your Ultimate Cinematic 3D Audio Experience

Funds Raised: $1,156,151

Number of Backers: 4,075

Request: Split Customs Declaration

Använda. A Great Bag

Funds Raised: $1,904,104

Number of Backers: 16,887

Request: Customized Packing Materials

The Sound Reactive LED Mask

Funds Raised: CA$382,341

Number of Backers: 5,629

Request: Include Bubble Wrap for Added Protection

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